19th August 2018

Published in the Argus on the 6th April 1872:

A button for my wish list!

Cakobau was the self-proclaimed chief Warlord of the short lived Kingdom of Viti (from which we get the name Fiji). In 1871 the British  consul convinced Fijian Chiefs to become a constitutional Monarchy with Cakobau as King, but the real power lying in a legislative assembly dominate by Australian ex-pats. A  period of economic mismanagement, political and social unrest eventually lead to the Annexation of Fiji as a British colony in 1874.

King Cakobau (sometimes spelt phonetically as Thakombau).

His son Taku Abel.

18th August 2018

New find: Army Apprentices school uniform buttons.

The Balcombe Army Camp at Mount Martha, Victoria was opened  on 2nd June 1948 for boys from 15-17.5 years as a live-in school to undertake a 3 year Army trade qualification. In 1982 it was relocated to Latchford Barracks in Bongellia, near Wodonga. It closed in 1995.

From the web page of the Army Apprentice organisation:


17th August 2018

New finds: The Royal Army Service Corps.

By Stokes. c.1953-1973.

Thanks to www.diggerhistory.com

In 1886 an “Ordnance and Commissariat and Transport Corps of Victoria” was raised. In 1889 the ordnance function of this corps ceased. A similar corps was started in New South Wales in 1891. In both states the corps evolved into  Army Service Corps then soon after federation the Australian Army Service Corps (MSC) was formed.

Anzac. No. 2 outpost Australian Army Service Corps dugouts

The Corps served in WW1, WW2, The Occupation of Japan, the Malayan Emergency, Korea and Vietnam. Despite the importance of supply to an Army in the field, after WW1 the Corps was neglected, with lack of training, men and resources. During WW2,  they played an active role in the defense of Tobruk. The Royal prefix was bestowed on 31st December 1948. The Corps was disbanded on 31st may 1973 with 2anew Corps taking over road, transport, air dispatch and postal duties; the Royal Australian Corps of Transport. The Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps took over provision of foodstuffs and fuel.



15th August 2018

New finds:

Beutron from the early 1950s.

Beutron from the late 1950s.

Note that the Terries card is very similar to the Leda Beauclaire card. General plastics probably produced the buttons for Terries to distribute. This is only the second small Terries card I have found.

6th August 2018

Has anyone a tailor’s button marked ‘Chrystall Tailors Orange’? Reply if you have, particularily if you are willing to give/sell it to a reader.

New finds:

Not new designs, but new colour versions.

Love this version of the Beauclaire rose.