24th April 2018


Oriential influence continues.  Little gold buttons. Novelty designs. Shiaparelli. The Coronation. The Duke of Windsor and Wallis.

For sale at Farmer’s.

From Gabolonz; metallic lace buttons, buckles and clasps.


23rd April 2018


Elegance. Oriental influences. Novelty designs in accessories increase in popularity, such as hats,fruit, vegetables, animals, flowers and leaves. Jewelled buttons, clips, brooches, pendants, ear-rings and buckles.



Oriental themes: Fan shaped buckles and at the top, embossed with chinese characters.

A “necktie buckle’ and a wooden flower button.

Three medallions set in gilt filigree and coloured stones,linked by gold chain for a formal belt.

Oriental designs such as dragon motifs.


musical buttons

gold and silver daisy buttons and clasps.


Star shaped paste buttons.


New discovery:

Whilst checking uniform buttons in my collection for a club member,Don King, I made a discovery. The backmark on a Victorian Police button was “STOKES & SONS  P.O.P.MELB” The P.O.P. stands for Post Office Place, which was the section of Little Bourke Street between Elizabeth and Queen Streets. I was aware that from around 1888 until the company moved to Brunswick in 1935, the company was located at Caledonian Lane. However, Caledonian Lane runs into Lt Bourke,; the postal address was actually 246 and one half, Post Office Place!


22nd April 2018


Buckles in crystal, mosaic, wood or leather , gold or chromium. Mirrored buttons. Shorter skirts and lower waistlines. Navy shoes. Hand -made silk or velvet flowers. Braid ‘frogs’ and barrel buttons on coats. The introduction of novelty designs including animals and flowers.

Elephant buckle sold at Myers.








New finds:

Australian National Airways: 1936-1957

A.N.A was registered in 1936 from the joining of Holyman’s and Adelaide Airways. In 1937 it obtained a controlling interest in Airlines of Australia (AoA). The company’s DC-3 aircraft were requisitioned by the Government during the war and it provided services around Australia for the war effort, including for American forces. After the war it faced competition from Trans Australian Airways (TAA), the state run airline that would ultimately lead to the company’s decline. ANA was sold to Ansett in 1957 forming Ansett-ANA, which was renamed Ansett Airlines of Australia in 1968.

“Wing Your Way with ANA”

The Australian Women’s Weekly, 6th December 1941


20th April 2018


Large coat buttons. Chrome, erinoid, wood, horn, tagua nut, MOP. Trim and tailored. Mirror buttons. Hair swept backwards. Capes and jackets.

Astrakhan is the dark curly fleece of young karakul lambs from central Asia.

Mirror glass buttons.






















New finds:

A new Beauclaire design in 4 colours and 2 sizes. The design is quite detailed, with concentric circles of rectangles divided diagonally into 4 (like little flags).


18th April 2018


Buttons on shoes, gloves, frocks, jumpers, blouses and coats in pearl, nickle, gilt, brass, wood, porcelain, bone, but particularly metal. Crochet. ‘Mannish’ tailoring. Lounge pyjamas. Hems shorter (6 inches below the knee).

This lady was a specialist designer of fashion accessories, especially in leather and metal.

Buttons and buckle of cut steele.

New finds:

The brown may be a Coronet (it’s similar in style). The blue is similar (?Copied) to a Beutron,. The white is a Beutron Boil-proof, and the pink a Beauclaire. The Grey is one of many variants Beutron made from this basic pattern in the 1950s.

From Carol:

Coronets. NB/ the 2nd row are American buttons.

19th April 2018


Chrome Buttons still popular. Brass, wood, balls and domes. Embossed and enamelled. Military touches. Knitwear. Belts of filigree metal links. Fringes. Velvet. Hats worn at an angle. Bows. Capes. ‘Amusing’ buttons start appearing in geometric shapes.








Gorgeous buttons from Pat; possibly casein.


17th April 2018


Hats, berets. Jewellery, especially diamonds, glass or paste. Scarf and wallet to match. Black, white,red and gray. Short hair styles. Buttons sewn in rows as trimming.


New finds:

A ‘Leda’ branded button press!! This was used to make covered buttons in the 1950-60s.  Mind you, I’m not going to bid for this … it would cost a fortune to deliver as it’s very heavy.


16th April 2018

Introducing a year by year fashion revue for the 1930s, as seen in Australian newspapers.


Matching ensembles: coat buttons,dress buttons,buckles or slides. Rhinestone, gold,pearls. Imitation jewels. Short gauntlet or long gloves. Tweed coats. Sleveless frocks with summer cardigans. Artificial flowers. Court and Mary-Jane shoes. Bandeaus. Pleats. Buttons of leather or crystal.

















New Finds:

New Zealand buttons and buckle.


15th April 2018

Images from page 171.

In her book ‘ About Buttons. A Collector’s Guide,  150 AD to the Present’ Peggy Ann Osbourne shares a couple of images of Disney themed buttons. One I knew about (the Coronet Buttons shared on the Coronet page), the other was new to me. It was a picture of  Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed buttons made in Australia in  the late 1930s. I searched, but could not find any reference to them so I can’t verify it. I did note that Australian made Minnie and Mickey brooches were sold in 1930.



She reports the Coronet buttons ( Donald, Chip, Goofy and Bambi) as being made in the early 1940s. I think they were actually produced from 1948-1953 as that’s when they were advertised. Advertising reported 4 styles in multiple colours. I think that the metallic Mickey button dates later (mid 1950s) for sale at Disneyland.

Barrier Miner, 18th January 1949.



The Advertiser, 5th March 1952. Perhaps Chip was mistaken as Thumper.


Both Carol and Cam  have informed me that the uniform button with a lamp was for the Royal Australian Army Nursing Crops. (So if you rub it a nurse rather than a genie appears). The lamp came from the Greco-Roman tradition, symbolising learning.