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9th June 2020

Stokes buttons:

L to R: RA Corps of Military Police, Australian Army Band Corps, RA Infantry Corps, Australian Army.

Royal Australian Corps of Military Police:

This corps was formed in 1916 as the Australian Army Provost Corps, disbanded post war then reformed for WW2. the name changed in 1974. According to Wikipedia,  It is responsible for battlefield traffic control, security duties, prisoner of war handling, the investigation of service offences, maintaining discipline and the running of military prisons.


Australian Army Band Corps:

This corps was formed in 1968 and has full and part time bands to “provides band capability to ceremonial and training activities conducted by the Army and other services of the ADF in support of various Regal, Vice-Regal, federal, state, territory and local government agencies.” according to the Army website.

Royal Australian Infantry Corps:

Established in 1948, this is the parent corps of all the infantry regiments, and the major combat element of the army. Queen Elizabeth II is the Colonel-in-Chief.

Australian Army:

The Australian Military Forces  was the official name of the Army of Australia from 1916 to 1980, then afterwards known as the Australian Army.





3rd June 2020

Goodies from around the world from the same NZ source: someone must have had a haberdashery store, or been a haberdashery agent:


London: The Ideal Button & Novelty Co. Ltd. has traded since before 1945.

Taiwan: 1990s (or earlier) til today.

New Zealand

Charles Parsons (NZ) limited was known as Corozo Button Company Limited from 18 March 1955 til 23 February 1966, then Ackmead Holdings Limited from then until 14 June 1993. As this card is marked with both Corozo and Ackmead Holdings trademarks, it dates to around 1966?

30th May 2020

More sample/order sheets from NZ:

The duck that appears as early as the late 1940s on ‘Jack and Jill’ cards is here, without hand painted detailing, and is still sold as a Beutron button today.

The card is not marked, but the design is from General Plastics in the 1950s.