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March 2016

 A digest of Buttons and Stories shared in March 2016:


1950s Buttons and their representaton in ads.

Detail from 1951 advert.


Pep up last year's frock with a crisp button-on yoke and pocket. Wow, Why didn't I think of that! Published 30 November 1953 in The Australian Women's Weekly

30 November 1953 in The Australian Women’s Weekly.

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Detail from 1950 ad.









Imported Beutron Originals, from the 1950s.

Detail from a 1952 advert:

This ad features 3 women in aprons, chefs hats and high heels  (of course, don’t all wives dress that way?)  merrily boiling a giant button in a copper of soapy water to illustrate the boil resistance of Beutrons ‘boil-tested whites’.  Talk about the “Mad Men” era of advertising!! Below is an example of the buttons.

And now the fashions:

August 1951: I look so good it hurts!

August 1952: Loving the hat.