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November 2016

A digest of buttons and stories shared in November 2016



“Beauclaire buttons, the Leda in Fashion”.


The 10 cent buttons taped onto a Moonglow card are definitely not moonglows, but rather cheap and nasty plastic. The green and yellow Spares are a better quality, and are the same as those mounted onto Embassy cards below.

I don’t have many vintage orange buttons.  I’m guessing it was not a fashionable colour until the 1970.!  The Embassy buttons date from the 1950’s.

Comparing these 2 cards of buckles gave me confirmation that ‘Cygnet” buttons/buckles were sold in Australia.

Roger Berry, distributor who took over Coronet, and distributed General Plastics buttons.

loose 80’s version of carded 50’s designs.

Landico metal button






New Zealand Buttons:

Check out the NZ page for more about this company.

NZ Beutron cards. Note the difference from Australian cards.

Doesn’t say “Made in New Zealand” but probably was.



Hugh Plaistowe (1870 – 1935) was born in London and worked in his father’s confectionery business.  Around 1895 he came to Perth and continued in this trade in partnership with Mr J. Hobbs.  A new factory was opened in 1915 and by 1930 was producing over 400 types of chocolates, lollies, cocoa, icing sugar and fruit peel.  The company was bought by Nestle in 1990.

The Daily News 23rd April 1935 p.1

The Daily News 7th October 1920 p.5

So very wrong:

From The Australian Women’s Weekly, 9th January 1963:  “The heady scent of flowers.  What boy could resist the romance of a warm summer evening – and you,  bewitchingly irrestistible with plucked blossoms in your lastest hairdo?”

From the Australian Women’s Weekly 5th June 1968: …”why not acquire the dog likely to appeal to your type of man?  Pick the right clothes, too.”

“The country boy. He loves picnic races, cattle shows, country walks, and log fires. His dogs, a brace of bull mastiffs.