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14th December 2017

I bought an old ‘MacRobertson Clematis Assorted Chocolates’ tin containing old buttons.  Most of the buttons were nothing special,  but also inside were a couple of vintage,  double-sided advertising flyers from the 1950s.

The Pinnock Manufacturing company was floated in 1956 to manufacture Fridor sewing machines and household appliances.  Fridor sewing machines were at that time imported from Holland.  They were running into trouble by 1971 and have since been de-listed.

Fashion Patterns advertised in the Australian Women’s Weekly from 1939-1963.  You would post in your orders to your state’s distributors.

12thDecember 2017

New find:

A uniform button for the Commonwealth Oil Refineries company (COR) by Stokes and Sons, Melbourne.








Thanks to Wikipedia:  The Commonwealth Oil Refineries ran between 1920-1952 as a joint venture by the Australian government and the Anglo-Persian Oil company.  Billy Hughes initiated the partnership.  In 1924 the first Australian refinery opened near Laverton.  The Menzies government sold their interest in 1952 to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company,  which in 1954 become the British Petroleum Company (BP).  The brand COR was continued until 1959.

Queensland Times, 25th August 1920.

The Argus, 13th July 1923.

The Australasian, 21st July 1924.

10th December 2017

I had a delivery of parcels today, even though it’s Sunday.  The gentleman said he wouldn’t be having a day off until after Christmas!  I know you have to ‘make hay whilst the sun shines’ but that’s tough.  It’s not like they get paid well anyway.  Back to the delivery.  I received something I have been waiting for with anticipation …. a box of Astoria Saftey Buttons direct from New Zealand.

Advertising card

Beutron sold the same product as ‘Cardigan Buttons’ in 1950-51.

From Lois: cardigan buttons with the instruction on the back.

This was a whole box of them, with cardboard inserts to set the box up for counter-top display.

Here are a selection of the variety the box contained:

You might notice that the card is the same as that used at one stage by Beauclaire.  Astoria was a brand name used by the NZ branch of General Plastics.  Strange, a Beauclaire card with a Beutron product.  Could this be after the 1957 merger? Did one company copy the idea from the other?