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December 2017

Highlights from December 2017

New Zealand buttons:

A counter top display box:



1950s buttons and as they appear in advertising:

Detail from a beauclaire add showing this design button on the left



Commonwealth Oil Refinery:

From Wikipedia:  The Commonwealth Oil Refineries ran between 1920-1952 as a joint venture by the Australian government and the Anglo-Persian Oil company.  Billy Hughes initiated the partnership.  In 1924 the first Australian refinery opened near Laverton.  The Menzies government sold their interest in 1952 to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company,  which in 1954 become the British Petroleum Company (BP).  The brand COR was continued until 1959.

Queensland Times, 25th August 1920.

The Argus, 13th July 1923.

The Australasian, 21st July 1924.