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5th December 2018

I haven’t started my Christmas cards yet.

“Christmas letters – News from home (i.e. England) Illustrated Sydney news, 23rd December 1882.

New finds:

1950s Beutrons.

The card is not pristine, but still nice to have as they do not turn up often.

The Originals have metal bases and glass centres.

Maxart c.1980s


And 3 lovely Goofy buttons, in an Aqua shade this time.

Of course, I don’t really need 3 of them ……

4th December 2018

Better get organised for baking the Christmas cake soon.

Cutting the Christmas cake in 1950.

Tailors buttons:

Cook, Son & Co. Ltd, Hindley Street Adelaide:

See also the post from 17th October 2108.

In 1914 John Cook bought the business of Mr Harry Stephen Thwaites in Hindley Street.  It was renamed Cook, Son & Co.  He ran it with  his son, Filmer Wesley Cook, and partners William John Gilmour and Ralph Dillon Radford.

Harry Stephen Thwaites. 1930.

Filmer Wesley Cook. 1942.

Ralph Dillon Radford. c 1915.



1st December 2018

Oh dear; I better put up my Christmas tree! Here’s some inspiration from the 1864  German Christmas bazaar held to aid the Lutheran Church in Melbourne.

The Australian News for Home Readers, 25th January 1865.

New finds:


c.1950 Beutron. Approx 1cm diametre.