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28th February 2019



New uniform button from Carol:

??Commonwealth Shipowners Association by O’Neill & Co.

On the 10th July 2018 post Cam Smith shared an O’Neill Button from a shipping line. This button also has the typical ‘rope’ edge of naval and shipping uniform buttons.

The Commonwealth Ship owners Association was formed in 1905 by Howard Smith Ltd, Adelaide Steamship Co, AVSN Co. Ltd., Huddart, Parker & Co, McIlwraith, Mc Eucharn & Co. By 1946 many shipping firms in Australia belonged to the organisation to manage freight costs, fares, and allocation of business. In 1946 it extended into stevedoring.

This is only a guess … any other ideas where this button originates from?

27th February 2019

Carol’s new finds: Office Cadet School button by Stokes.

Other versions of this buttons were shared on 23rd August 2018.

Royal Australian Navy: 1911-1928.

After this date the ‘lazy anchor’ was replaced by an upright one.

This button, made in England, graced a uniform made by Chorley & Co. of Sydney.

Personalised Hunt Club button:

This button has been inscribed ” Mrs P. J. Kearnes. 1940.” Searching in Trove, I uncovered the following photos:

News, 28th May 1937.
Australian Women’s Weekly, 13th Jul 1946.

The Photo of Mrs Kearns riding came from an article about the first post war season for hunt clubs to “ride to the hounds”. The button therefore comes from a Hunt Club.

26th February 2019

New buttons from Carol:

These 2 tailor’s button are interesting in that they are marked as being made in Germany and England. Many tailor’s buttons do not have this marked.

Craig, Williamson & Thomas, Melbourne:

This button dates from 1879-1897, with the department store having different names prior to and after these dates. See Craig, Williamson P/L on the department store page.

J. B. Leach, Melbourne:

Reporter, 8th March 1907.

John Benjamin Leach was born in Hampshire, England. He was in partnership with William D. Fetherston and Charles R. Dyson as “The Melbourne Tailoring Company” in Bourke Street, Melbourne from circa 1883. At the end of their lease, in 1894, Leach continued on his own. “Davies & Davies” succeeded Leach running The Melbourne Tailoring company in 1920. He died in 1929. His son John Benjamin jnr., was also a tailor.

25th February 2019

Department of Government Transport:

Button by A.J. Parkes, Brisbane.

This Department existed from 27/10/1952 until 20/10/1972 in New South Wales to oversee bus and tram services. It was superceeded by the Public Transport Commission.


This Qantas cuff button does not have a maker’s mark.

Beauclaire buckle:

I have seen this design buckle on a Beauclaire card.

20th February 2019

Carol’s new treasure:

In 1913 Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Limited was formed from the previous Australiasian Wireless Limited (AWL) which had started in 1909. They were an electronics and broadcasting company located in Sydney. In 1918 the first radio broadcast from the UK to Australia was received by AWA of Prime Minister Billy Hughes praising the troops he was inspecting at the Western Front. In 1930 the first newsreel from Sydney to London was transmitted.

Published in the Northern Star: The head Office of A.W.A completed in 1939, now heritage listed.

In 2014 the company was insolvent, and sold off. It no longer is involved in television or radio, but provides technology for large organisations. (from Wikipedia).


New Woolies cards:

Woolies sold cards under multiple branding. For more information, see the Woolworths page.


1950s. This design was also sold on Beauclaire cards.



1972 onwards.



18th February 2019

Carol’s new treasures:

Information about the New Zealand Clothing Factory can be found on the blog’s NZ page.

New mystery:

What is the branding on this Beauclaire type card with Beauclaire style buttons? It appears to end with “lers”. The card is the only pink version of this style card from the 1950s I have seen. All the Beauclaire and Astoria (from NZ) cards were pale blue.


15th February 2019

New finds:

Pink for girls and blue for boys …

The same style button (from Beutron) on Embassy and Woolies cards.

Early Embassy (cut down) 1950s and Woolies 1970s.

Late 1950s Beauclaire and early 1950s Beutron.

1970s Beutron. Loose white Beauclaire and pink Beutron buttons.

12th February 2019

Tailor’s button:

S.A.Wn. Co. Adelaide

In 1883 the South Australia Woollen Company was formed with 30 employees on the site of a previous tweed factory in Lobethal. The company began supplying military, customs and railway uniforms from 1891.  They  produced supplies for troops for the Boer both World Wars. Their brand of woollens, “Onkaparinga”, became so well known that the company was renamed Onkaparinga Woollen Company Limited in 1928. The mill ceased production in 1991.

The Advertiser, 27th March 1894.


Published in the Critic, 18th June 1898.

Lobethal was renamed Tweedvale from 1917-1935.