16th November 2018

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Bright & Hitchcock, Geelong:

William Hitchcock (1811-1867) emigrated from Devonshire, England, to Geelong with his sons George Michelmore (1831-1912) and Walter Michelmore Hitchcock (1833-1923). They started a drapery business , Hitchcock Brothers & Co., between 1850-52. They went into partnership in 1853 with William Bright (1803-1875) under the name Wm. Bright & Co. 

After Bright retired around 1857 they changed the name to Bright & Hitchcock. The company was listed in 1950. It was sold and re-sold in 1959, 1968, 1969 and 1976 then closed in 1979. Since that the building has been subdivided into smaller shops.

Geelong Advertiser, 18th July 1923. Walter M. Hitchcock.

Geelong Advertiser, 8th May 1912. George M. Hitchcock.

Leader, 12th August 1893.

 From realestate.com
Late 1940s.


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