17th November 2018

Tailor’s buttons:

W. McElwee, Melbourne:

William Colin McElwee (31/10/1889-1978) advertised as located at Union House, 284-6 Little Collins Street around 1930-33.  The eight story Union House was built in 1922-3 and demolished in 1939 to make way for the extension of G. J. Coles Bourke Street store, now occupied by David Jones.

Farmer’s, Sydney:

The tailor’s button below is interesting in that it not only has the store’s name (Farmers) inscribed, but also an advertising phrase: ‘The Store for Boys’.





The Sun (Sydney) 4th December 1935.

The details of the advertisment are amusing:

“Holiday clothes are always a problem. Young fellow-m’lad, who’s going away to have a high old time, has to be kept looking somehow smart sitting down to breakfast and lunch with other guests at wherever it is you’re staying. Farmer’s solves the problem with British Khaki drill play suits.”

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