21th November 2018

Tailor’s buttons:

Thurling & Hamilton, Melbourne:

Walter Ernest Thurling ( 1898-1933) and William Herdam Hamilton (1864-1917) traded at 45 Elizabeth Street from  around 1895-1912. After that, Walter worked for Southwell Coultas, another Melbourne tailoring establishment, whilst William changed career and worked as a traveling salesman.

Craig, Williamson Propriety Ltd:

In 1874 William Craig entered into partnership with the retail drapers ‘William Weaver & Co’ to make the firm  becoming ‘Weaver, Craig and Orrock’ in Elizabeth Street. It later became  ‘Craig, Williams and Thomas’ when Caleb Williams and Thomas William Thomas were admitted as partners in 1879 and traded under that name until 1897. There were branches in Ballarat and Bendigo. (The Bendigo branch was later bought by Sidney Myer.)

The founder of the firm, William John Craig, died in 1899.

The Argus, 4th May 1935, showing the business in 1883. A seven story warehouse was erected in 1889-90.

In 1897 a disastrous fire destroyed nearly the whole city block from Flinders Street to Flinders Lane, and from Swanston Street down to Elizabeth Street with an estimated 1,500,000 pounds loss, including their store.

Weekly Times, 27th Nov 1897.

The Sydney Mail and NSW Advertiser, 27th November 1927.

With the erection of a new building, the firm was made a propriety limited business under the name of Craig, Williamson P/L. The business was bought by Marcus Clark Limited in 1926, but later was re-bought by the Craig family. It closed on 25th march 1937, with the stock purchased by Anthony Horden Ltd, thus ending trading after 63 years.

The Australasian 18th June 1898. A sketch of the new building. It would be expanded several times in following years.


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