2nd January 2019

Interesting items from Trove:

I love the novelty fashion accessories that were so popular in the late 1930s.

The Newcastle Sun, 11th Nov 1937. Exclusive matching buttons and buckle.

An interesting item about the pocket compasses that G.Herring supplied MOP faces for during WW2.

Fisheries Newsletter June 1946.

3 thoughts on “2nd January 2019

  1. helen

    Happy new year Cathy, always interested to read your blog but this one about ykk zips and mop compass faces was fascinating. Cheers Helen

  2. Pam Campbell

    Cathy, I have only recently started visiting your site. I wonder if you are familiar with the brass/copper button that features the word Koala, has a gum leaf and the 5 stars of the Southern Cross. It also has a rope edge and measures 15ml diameter. I would love some info on this button. Pam


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