5th January 2019

Pearl Shell Products, Sydney:

Malaby Chappell, Cleveland William Anderson (1917-2012) and Victor Marden (1920- ) formed a partnership under the name of ‘Pearl Shell Products’ in December 1946. By May 1947 Chappell left, then in 1948  so did Marden.

Dun’s Gazette for NSW, 1947.

Government Gazette of NSW, August 1947.

Roland Clifford Latter (1919-2000) joined around 1948 and continued the business after Anderson left in October 1950.

Government Gazette of NSW, 1950

The article below comes from Fisheries Newsletter of March 1950, when Latter and Anderson were working together:

I can find no record of this firm after October 1950. I wish I had some of these “novelties”!