6th January 2019

I’m finding new information in Trove as more journals and magazines are scanned in. Here are some more button producers in New South wales from the late 1930s.

McMonnies & Geary, Manly:

Dun’s Gazette for NSW, 1934.

All I have found out is that John David McMonnies (1909-1967) and Patrick Leo Geary were both listed as clerks in the electoral rolls.

Pearl Products Manufacturing Co., Campsie

This company was registered on 16th january 1933 at 33 North Parade, but changed its name to Actex Hardware Co. and moved to Undercliffe on 20th February 1939.

Dun’s Gazette for NSW, 1933.

Dun’s Gazette for NSW, 1934

Dun’s Gazette for NSW, 1939

Laurence Ryder Parkinson (1915-2008) was a manufacturer. his inital partners were Cyril Alleyne Hindson ( 1912-2004) and William Hosie, who both left the business by September the next year. They were replaced by Laurence’s father, George Dobson Parkinson (1885-1948), a builder, and Harold Moran. As the name change suggests, the company produced hardware, at first plastic then later metal as well, such and door handles. by 1967 they were known as Acetex-Goal. The company is deregistered.