12th January 2019

From Trove: 1930s buttons

The Labor Daily (Sydney) 22nd November 1933.

“Perhaps you prefer a little gift to a card or magazine (Ed: for Christmas) – if so you must walk with me up a narrow street to the quaintly adorned doorway of the Victorian Arts and Crafts Society. here you will find some charming handwrought buttons, claps, and slides, made of polished Australian woods. At 2′ 6 each there are most pictorial circular buttons simulating a gumnut peeping from encircling leaves, while at 1′ 2 and 1’3 each you can get plain polished buttons for fastening a top coat. I saw one set stained navy blue, consisting of four large buttons, eight little ones, and a belt buckle for 12′ 6 the set. Little slides to hold a scarf are from 2′ 6 each and some most pictorial ones of encircular gum leaves, boomerangs or sprays of three long gumleaves are about 3′ 9 and 5′ 6. (These are all in dark brown woods.)”

The Australasian, 14th October 1933.

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) 16th April 1934.