26th February 2019

New buttons from Carol:

These 2 tailor’s button are interesting in that they are marked as being made in Germany and England. Many tailor’s buttons do not have this marked.

Craig, Williamson & Thomas, Melbourne:

This button dates from 1879-1897, with the department store having different names prior to and after these dates. See Craig, Williamson P/L on the department store page.

J. B. Leach, Melbourne:

Reporter, 8th March 1907.

John Benjamin Leach was born in Hampshire, England. He was in partnership with William D. Fetherston and Charles R. Dyson as “The Melbourne Tailoring Company” in Bourke Street, Melbourne from circa 1883. At the end of their lease, in 1894, Leach continued on his own. “Davies & Davies” succeeded Leach running The Melbourne Tailoring company in 1920. He died in 1929. His son John Benjamin jnr., was also a tailor.

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