27th February 2019

Carol’s new finds: Office Cadet School button by Stokes.

Other versions of this buttons were shared on 23rd August 2018.

Royal Australian Navy: 1911-1928.

After this date the ‘lazy anchor’ was replaced by an upright one.

This button, made in England, graced a uniform made by Chorley & Co. of Sydney.

Personalised Hunt Club button:

This button has been inscribed ” Mrs P. J. Kearnes. 1940.” Searching in Trove, I uncovered the following photos:

News, 28th May 1937.
Australian Women’s Weekly, 13th Jul 1946.

The Photo of Mrs Kearns riding came from an article about the first post war season for hunt clubs to “ride to the hounds”. The button therefore comes from a Hunt Club

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