1st March 2019

Correction for yesterday’s button: Adelaide Steamship Company

Thanks to Don for the identification. Sure enough, the Australian National Maritime Museum has an example online …

According to Wikipedia, it was formed as a cargo and passenger company between Melbourne and Adelaide in 1875. In the 1930-40s it diversified, including the formation of Adelaide Airways in 1935, which was one of the founding airlines that merged to form Australian National Airways (ANA) in 1936. The company was liquidated in 1997.

New finds:

The design on the Haby Habits card is a version of a Beutron design from the 1950s, but in cheaper plastic and with a different back. I guess it was made in the 1980s-90s in Asia to the old design. See the details below.
I love the variety of designs used by Woolies for their branding.

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