3rd March 2019

More buttons from Carol’s collection: Australian Lighthouse Service

The Commonwealth took over control from the States of the service from 1913-1915. Its role was to maintain navigational aids, light house maintenance and to transport families and supplies to and from lighthouses. A uniform from the crew of one of the ships used by the service is below, care of the Commonwealth Lighthouse Service Museum webpage: https://mvcapedonsociety.org.au/museum.html

1 thought on “3rd March 2019

  1. Andrew Sigmund

    Hi there, just a query about some old metal buttons I have found in Far North Queensland.
    A couple of them have “Ask for Crowns” embossed/etched into them.
    I can only really find a couple of references to them on the internet. One in regards to a shearers strike in Barcaldine in 1891 and a murder in 1905 in the same area.
    I have a photo but unsure how to attach in this reply?

    Any information you can provide would be appreciated.


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