7th April 2019

New Finds: 25mm K.C.Luke  Pty. Ltd. AMF button.

K.C. Luke was publicly listed in April 1953. Queen Elizabeth adopted her cypher when she ascended, on 6th February 1952, but was not crowned until 2nd June 1953. This must date this button with its King’s crown to a short period in 1953.

I didn’t realise that there was a dot marking the location of the ACT on this version of the A.M.F. button with the State boundries marked. There are also variations with no State boundaries, with the map of Australia both ‘smooth’ and  ‘stippled’. Apparently there is a version without the boundary between South Australia and Northern Territory. (Note that the NT was formally separated from South Australia until 1911, but some UK button manufacturers may not have been aware of this.)

No boudaries/smooth
Australian War Memorial Image of an AMF button with no boundaries/stippled.

There are also 4 sizes: Very small(11mm) for cap chin straps etc , small (17mm) for tunic pockets , medium (21mm) for fastening the tunic and large (25mm) for the greatcoat.

On the website www.militaria-sales.com.au there were a couple of variations (with/without borders) with a very poor representation of Australia depicted. There were no markers marked (probably too embarrassed to own up to such sloppy work!)

The design without borders dates from 1912. I am not sure when the other design was adopted.

Lithgow Mercury, 2nd August 1912.

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