14th April 2019

Identifying your buttons:

When people show a button to a collector they invariably want to know “when, what, where”. When was it made? What is it made from and what was it used for?  Where did it come from?


Sometimes this is easy, sometimes not! Collectors, books and websites are available, but sometimes you just need to do a bit of detective work. If the buttons are on a card you can ‘Google’ the brand/company. Search in archives such as the national archives/State archives, State Libraries and websites such as Trove (or equivalents). You can also Google a description, e.g. ‘glass scotty dog shaped buttons’ and see what comes up. Images will come up on Ebay/Etsy/Pinterest, etc that may look like your buttons.

Beware that sellers often say that their buttons (and other vintage items) are 10-30 years older than they actually are! Funny how they don’t make the mistake in reverse, that is to say, quote that the item younger than it is. Prices on the cards can help. In Australia we changed to decimal currency on 14th February 1966. For a short while in 1966 both imperial and decimal prices appeared. So, a card priced, for example, 65 cents, can’t be from the 1930s!!! Sellers note this please!!! Also many so called ‘Art Deco’ buttons are from the 1950s, not 1930s, and many ‘rare’ buttons aren’t.

If a button has a backmark  it can help, although beware that some backmarks were used for many years. For Australian manufacturers, check out the pages where I have outlined their history. For overseas makers, try Googling, There are lists of American and British backmarks that can be very helpful.

If the button has a Royal cypher or crown that will let you know the correct era. I once tried to explain to an over-excited metal detectorist asking for $100 for his so-called “rare pre-federation Queensland police uniform button” was not, as it had a “Kings Crown” (1901-1952) not a “Queen Victoria Crown”(pre-1901). Not trying to get a bargain (as I didn’t need the button for my collection) I tried to explain it was not rare or valuable. Alas, someone had told him it was, and he didn’t believe me. Royal cyphers/crown date buttons to a certain Monarch’s era; this is not up for negotiation!

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