30th April 2019

New finds:

This Koala button came from USA and appears to be enameled aluminium.

A lovely condition Woolworths ‘Boilproof’ card from the 1950s.

Seen online: Royal Victorian Volunteers  Artillery Regiment

This button by Stokes and Martin was too expensive for me; so sad.

Volunteer corps in Victoria were allowed to be raised from 1854 . They were replaced in 1884 by Militia units in which men enrolled for a fixed period and were paid.


Stokes & Martin Makers Melbourne: Button dates around 1867-1883.

1 thought on “30th April 2019

  1. Carol Fenselau

    Very excited to see the picture of Royal Victorian Volunteers Artillery Regiment Button. It sure is very rare so guess it is as scarce as hens teeth, hence the BIG asking price.


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