4th May 2019

I must apologies to anyone who hasn’t been able to leave comments to posts over the last month. It seems the security settings had been upgraded in a way that I didn’t realise. Sorry; I’m not a digital native! Go crazy and contact me now!!

New find:

Royal Navy button , Chorley & Co Sydney.

Backmark: ‘Made in England for Chorley & Co Sydney’. The combination of the King’s Crown and the ‘Lazy Anchor’ (i.e. tilted) dates this button 1902-1928.

For your viewing pleasure: cards of American pearl buttons c.1940s-50s

Sewing motifs, stylish ladies, and neatly pressed shirts.
Apple Blossom. How very wholesome and American.
The handsome guy on the left seems to be holding a pipe. Very suave. The card on the right has raised silver high lights.

It is not always easy to date buttons, but the cards help. You might notice that the buttons above are attached by staples, or in the case of the shanked buttons, a fine strand of wire threaded through the shanks behind the card. By looking at many cards of many eras, I think this occurred from the 1940s in America, with cards from the 1930s and earlier having sewn on buttons. In Australia staples were not used until the mid 1960s, and even until the 1980s many buttons were sewn onto cards. Did the US have better/earlier automisation?

Cards of pearl buttons “Made in Occupied Japan” (i.e. 1945-1952) show that during that era the style number, size in lignes and sometime quantity of buttons per card (in case you couldn’t count?) were printed on the card. This was also the era that prices started to be printed (around 10-15cents per card.)

I’m researching some of the companies that existed in the boom era of Iowa pearl button manufacture, and the style and graphics of cards they used. It’s “un- Australian”, but let me know if you’d like me to share the information.

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  1. andrew mcgee

    I found some buttons with Benson parramatta stamped on them while i was prospecting in the Tabulam area and was wondering if you could give me some history on them
    regards andrew mcgee


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