6th May 2019

“Slouch Hat” button/badge:

The slouch hat rests on a disk, with the ‘rising sun’ badge visible. On the back is a shank with a pin through it. Perhaps it could be used as a badge or as a button with the pin removed.

I have been asked about the origin of this slouch hat button/badge. I’m afraid it’s a mystery. However, it may be a modern version of the “tin hat” badges sold by the RSL (Returned Soldiers League) as a fund raiser from 1929 through to 1970.


This image is from http://www.diggerhistory.info/pages-badges/pins4.htm

I have seen them in several colours, but do not know who made them. Charity button/badges are collectable, but I am not sure of their value, perhaps around $5-10. Please correct me if you know more about them.

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