14th May 2019

Carol’s Slouch Hat collection: refer to 6th May 2109 post.

Although Carol has labelled these as a fund raiser from WW2, I suspect they may be post WW2 as I can find no newspaper article about them, and fundraising “Button Days” were well covered in the media. Has anyone a green one, or any other colour not shown above, to complete Carol’s collection? Contact me if you can help.

Late 1940s-early 50s Beutron Button card: also from Carol.


Beutron copyrighted its ‘Opal-Glo’ formula in December 1948. Cards like these probably pre-dated the “All Purpose” style card. Beutron produced cards that held 1 or 2 dozen buttons possibly up to 1953, but from 1949 they were promoting their smaller cards that, depending on the button size, held 1-9 buttons. Perhaps customers did not want to pay for buttons they didn’t need, and stores no longer wanted to cut up cards and be left with remnants.

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