24th May 2019

New Finds: Carol shared this design back on 11th April 2017, mounted on a Coronet card but with hand-painted details. Circa 1940s.

I have shared many versions of the “Beauclaire Rose”. The design was recycled for decades. When I bought this example I thought it was another version mounted on lucite, but no! It is glass!

Six of these have been mounted on faux-velvet covered cardboard, and set in a cheap gift box.

Did Beauclaire import the glass buttons and embellish them with the rose? Were the buttons in their entirety made overseas? Who were the nameless and forgotten designers, whose work was so successful?

These versions are mounted on lucite.

For your viewing pleasure:

Batterson & Wessels were established in 1899 and closed in 1968. Love the border graphics. see below for a close up. Cards date 1900-1920s, I guess.
The card on the left has printed ‘copyright 1923’. Produced by the Iowa Pearl Button Company from 1916.

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