2nd June 2019

I missed out on this one! Woolworths buttons 1950s.

Henderson & Goodisson, Bendigo:

Thomas Hope Henderson (1833-1899) and John Ralph Goodisson (1851-1907) took over the drapery and clothing business  in the “Beehive Store” in 1886. 

Mr Henderson was born in Roxburgh, Scotland, and came to Victoria in 1852, settling in Bendigo several years later. Such was the regard held for this well liked man, who had been involved in many public roles in Bendigo, that flags were flown at half mast upon his death and a full sized portrait was commisioned to be displayed in the Bendigo Art Gallery.

After his death, Goodison and members of the Henderson family continued with the store. Mr Goodisson was born in Carnow, Ireland, and came to Victoria in 1870. He retired from the business in 1903, which was continued as Henderson Bros.

The Bendigo Independant, 5th October 1907

1909 advertisement (seen for sale on Ebay).


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