3rd June 2019

Tailors’ Buttons:

Norman Stanley Ince, Geelong:

Norman Ince and partner Thomas Robert Balfour bought the ABC Tailoring Company, Geelong, in 1910 and operated as Ince & Balfour. In 1912 the partnership was dissolved. Norman continued alone. He moved within Geelong a couple of times and was still trading in 1952.

Jacobs, Pizer & Co.,  Geelong:

In 1935 Sam Jacobs (1852-1932) and Pizer & Co (ran by Abraham Pizer, 1879-1955) amalgamated.

Geelong Advertiser, 1st March 1929

In 1916 there were questions asked as to whether Abraham and his brother Solomon were of German or Russian origin, despite being naturalised. They were  Jews born in Pyzdry, Prussia (now Poland).


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