7th June 2019

New finds:

Note the “Made in England” at the bottom. Walkers were an Australian Distributor from the 1954 onwards. They may have taken over distributing Cygnet and Delphi branded buttons (unless they were always owned by the company).

A Beutron innovation in 1953. I don’t think it was very popular, as it was only advertised for a short period. The fact that the ‘pearl’ tops could come loose may have been part of the problem!


The above button card dates mid 1960s. I think it was labelled ‘New Beutron’ due to the change of ownership of the company in 1963.


Lineker’s, Ballarat:

This button’s story was a little hard to chase down. Here’s the details as far as I can work out:

The Lineker family came to Australia from England in 1878. Brothers George Law (1851-1931)  and Robert Alfred (1857-1927) Lineker were both tailors. George was originally based in Sydney as a tailor then a mining broker, but seems to have joined Robert from around 1889 as the tailoring concern was called ‘Lineker Bros’, although he is not mentioned by name.  Robert moved around Victoria :  circa from 1889-1893 at Ararat, c.1887-1904 Hamilton, c.1901-1903 Nhill, c.1903-1905 Dimboola and c.1907-1927 Ballarat. 

The Hamilton Spectator, 10th May 1887.

George was back in Sydney from around 1905. Robert’s son Robert Law Lineker (1885-1968) also became a master tailor. After the war and his father’s death he continued as a tailor until at least 1948.

Robert Law Lineker

I am not sure which era this button belonged to, the Brothers’ era, or the son’s era.



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