9th June 2019

Tailor’s button:

Wilsons’, Sturt St. Ballarat:

Mahlon Stacey Wilson (1871-1951) was in a partnership, Purser and Wilson’ from around 1897-1904. Wilson continued on alone from the 79 Sturt Street store, moving to 209 Sturt Street by 1910. He remained a batchelor, leaving his estate to a bother, Lewis John Wilson, also a draper. The store ceased to advertise in 1924.

The Ballarat Star, 16th September 1922

William Young, Ballarat:

William Young took over the firm of J. Payne & Co in 1903 in Sturt Street, the Beehive store. He died in 1924, aged only 50 years.

M. Kino Melbourne:

Found by Karen

Mondola Henry Kino was born in Poland in 1850. From 1891 until this death in 1914 he was a tailor at 223 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

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