11th June 2019

I have recently had brought to my attention a website run by Toby Billings, a detectorist. He has a passion for the metal trouser/braces/shirt buttons with the tailors’ branding, owning several hundred of them! He has written an Ebook  listing tailors’ buttons by location and tailor’s name.

For  Au $4.95 it is a bargain and a good resource. (It does not cover non-metal buttons, but we’ll forgive him for that … must be hard to ‘detect’ them.) Check it out on



“Colortone” carded buttons:

Despite the American spelling, I think this is another variation of buttons carded by Beauclaire. The same style card can be seen with Leda, Demetre and Terries; see posts on 15th May, 10th Oct and 13th Oct 2018.

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