21st June 2019

Excuse my lack enthusiasm (that is missing posts) … am suffering from winter snuffles.

Tailors’ buttons:

A. E, Spicer, North Fitzroy:

Albert Edward Spicer lived from 1882 til 1951. He worked from 556 Nicholson Street from at least 1920 until 1949.


H. Brewer, North Fitzroy:

Henry (Harry) Brewer, 1868-1946, was a renown champion lawn bowler. He also was a tailor and cricketer!

Sporting Globe 4 October 1924.

The Argus 17 February 1940.

C.T. Hasler, Castlemaine:

Here is another draper better known for his accomplishments outside of work. He was a singer, choir master, organist and conductor. Born in 1863 he was a son of John Darby Hasler, draper, woollen draper, hatter, hosier, etc., of Market Square in Castlemaine. Presumably Charles took over the business after the sudden death of his father in 1896 due to pneumonia. Charles moved to Melbourne in 1922 and died there in 1946.


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