23rd June 2019




Harvey Chalmers & Son, Amsterdam N.Y.

According to The Daily Gazette (new York) in 2017, “Harvey Chalmers & Sons made a splash in the industry in 1911 when it was the first button maker to advertise in women’s magazines and newspapers. The company became the biggest manufacturer of pearl buttons in the world with sales offices in New York and London.”

So much for the power of advertising! Below is a copy of that advertisement.

I have come into ownership of one of these cards, and have seen online a shop display box of the cards. I would like to have that!

So beautiful!


I’m not the only one with a liking for American cards MOP (mother of pearl) buttons: Pat has shared some of her collection. See also my posts dating from 25th April onwards:

2 thoughts on “23rd June 2019

  1. Suzanne Shearman

    Hoping you can help me. I found your site after conducting an image search for black glass platypus buttons. Unfortunately, I, have not been able to locate information regarding these buttons within your site.

    I’m not a button collector, and happened upon them at a barn sale in western New York.

    Any information will be gratefully appreciated!

  2. abuttonadmin Post author

    I bought one platypus button from overseas. They would not have been made in Australia as apart from studio buttons there was no glass button industry here. They probably came from West Germany/Czechoslavakia post WW2.

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