2nd July 2019

Tailors’ buttons:

S. Solcberg & Son, Melbourne:

Polish born Samson Solcberg (1821-1882) was in Melbourne from 1854. He had a period of insolvency in 1858. In 1861 his only daughter Freda married Ferninand Ehrmann. He made his son-in-law a business partner, and changed the name to S.Solcberg & Son, which is touching.

The Argus, 27th February 1863.

In 1873 they built a large new warehouse in Flinders lane east.

1873: Flinders Lane east

Samson’s health was not good, and in 1868 he had been forced to retire, leaving the business running under the control of his son-in-law with the same name. However, he must have rejoined the firm, as in 1877 he took sole control of the firm whilst Ehrmann was overseas. Unfortunately he was again insolvent by 1880. (This resulted in him being bashed by a man he owed money to.) He died in 1882, aged only 62 years.

Smale Bros, Hobart:

In 1903 Frederick William and John Penwell Smale took over the business of Mr J. R. Johnston in Murray Street, Hobart. Ten years later they opened a flash new store in Collins with electric lighting and with “lavatory provisions (that) are as near perfection as attainable” John died in 1932, aged 66years. Fred died in 1939, aged 62 years. The firm was still running in 1954. The picture below are both from The Mercury newspaper.

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