3rd July 2019

New Find:

Another ‘Coronet” basket of flowers with hand painted details:

Tailor’s button:

Crawford & Co, Melbourne:

This button dates from 1895-1897.

In 1890, Abraham Crawford, a draper of Ballarat, went into partnership with Andrew King & Co who ran a warehouse at 250-252 Flinders Street.

Advocate, 18th October 1890.

In 1895 the form was declared insolvent, with Crawford taking over at the same address. (One partner claimed that Crawford had manipulated the situation to get rid of his partners.)

In November 1897, “The Great Fire of Melbourne” which destroyed a whole city block, including Craig, Williamson P/L, also destroyed the warehouse. (see entry for this company on department store page.)

Leader, 27th November 1897

Crawford bought a business in Chaple Street, Prahran, and started ‘A. Crawford & Co’. He suffered a stroke in 1907 and died in 1908.

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