7th July 2019

Tailors’ buttons:

Dyer & Millar, St Kilda:

Dyer & Millar operated from 113 Acland Street, St Kilda from around 1913-1923. They were Leslie Eldred Dyer (1883-1957) and David Mitchell Millar (1889-1953).


Geo. Volk, Marybrough:

George Volk was born in Victoria in 1868. His father Jakob moved around the gold fields. Sometime after 1885 they moved to Maryborough. He had a ladies and gentlemen’s tailoring business at 191 Nolan Street until he left for Melbourne in May 1918, leaving the business in his son Charles hands. He died suddenly the next year, aged only 58 years.

R. Finch, Beechworth:

See his story on the tailors’ pages. This is a new variation for his business.


Lewis & Corbould, Ballarat:

William Corbould, a native of Bath, came to Ballarat in 1858 to work as a tailor. From around 1877 he was in partnership with Abel Lewis until he retired due to ill health in 1883.

William Corbould 1827-1914

Unfortunately, as reported in Ballarat newspapers on 29th July 1885 …

“Mr Abel Lewis, tailor, died at the Koh-i-noor Private Hospital last night. He was a comparatively young man, and had drunk too much. It is a co-incidence that his late partner, Mr Corbould, a much older man, has been in bed over 18 months with cancer, and his death has been expected for a long time.”

Abel was born in 1844, so was 41 when he died. His erstwhile partner in fact did not die until 1914 at the age of 87 years, although he had been in a wheelchair for years.





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