8th July 2019

Carol’s latest finds:

Shierlaw & Co. Adelaide

This has some solder on the back, making Carol think it may have been made into a ‘sweetheart’ brooch. It looks like a less worn example of the ‘unofficial’ uniform button I shared on 13th August 2016. Very collectable!

New tailor’s button:

W. Lucas, Adelaide:

Australian Christian Commonwealth, 1st March 1901.

Willie Lucas, 1870-1931, came back from London with his first class diploma to run his business from Grenfell Street.  He was involved with teaching and examining tailoring, and the treasurer for the Master Tailors’ Association. He sold the firm as a going concern in 1915, the new owners keeping the name until 1920.

2 thoughts on “8th July 2019

  1. Marian Clark

    Hi Cathy! it has been a while since I last contacted you – Marian of Mazcrazyhaberdasher here. I have been looking in on your wonderful blog many times and have been meaning to send you some photos. I read where you are writing a book (…. and I am thinking it is about time! ….. and that is wonderful news, I am looking forward to seeing it in the future! ….. lots of good wishes and hoping it goes well for you!) I hope you like the photos I am sending, there a quite a few. If you have any questions please do ask, cheers, Marian
    …. now how do I send the photos again?


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