19th July 2019

Tailors’ buttons:

W. Roska, Bendigo:

A ladies’ and gentlemen’s tailor in Mitchell Street from 1910-1917.


Pool & Williams, Bendigo:

This button dates from a narrow time frame. In  January 1892 Alfred Morris Pool (1857-1930) and Joseph Thomas Williams started their business  in the premises previously occupied by the “London and American Clothing Company” in Mitchell Street, Sandhurst (later Bendigo). In February 1894, Williams left to go to Sydney, whilst Pool continued under the name “A. M. Pool”.

D. Cleary, Bendigo:

Dennis Cleary was born circa 1869 in Clare, Ireland. He came to Victoria in 1869. In 1873 he went to Bendigo and opened a tailoring business in McCrae Street. In 1905 it became D. Cleary & Sons. Dennis died in 1912. His sons continued to trade until around 1930.

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