21st July 2019

Tailors’ buttons:

T. Woodcock, Brisbane:

Thomas Woodcock, born in Lancashire in 1832, arrived in Brisbane in 1863. He was in partnership with Peter Phillips until 1877. Although he died in 1905, his firm continued until around 1924, moving from Albert Street to the new Fitzroy Buildings in Adelaide Street in 1913. I don’t know who continued under his name, as all his sons had died, and his daughters remained unmarried.


Sloan’s, Wangaratta:

Robert Macombe Sloan (1874-1956) was in partnership as ‘Clarkes & Sloan’ until 1912, then continued as ‘R. M. Sloan’ in Murphy Street, Wangaratta.

Weekly Times, 12th October 1912.

Wangaratta Chronicle 10th January 1914.

The familiar “Sloan’s” is used in print from 1915, so perhaps the button dates from then.

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