28th July 2019

Tailor’s button:

J. J. Larkins, Daylesford

John James Larkins (1857-1919) was born in Ballarat, and was a partner in the firm of Harrison, Larkins & Co until 1885. Harrison continued in Ballarat, with Larkins working from Vincent Street, Daylesford.

Weekly Times, 1st December 1900.

Seen online:

These are both advertised as c.1880; certainly the crown is a Queen Victoria Crown, which dates them up to her death in 1901. If they are by Stokes & Martin, then they date up to 1893. If, however, they are by Stokes & Sons they date after that year.


2 thoughts on “28th July 2019

  1. Lindsay Wills

    Recently found a brass button in the New England area of NSW on the back it is stamped
    HALL MARK AUSTRALIA any idea how old it my be

    1. abuttonadmin Post author

      The button itself is a standard trouser/shirt button possibly made in England. Toby Billing (a detectorist and collector of this type of button) wonders if this may have been for the clothing made by ‘Foy & Gibson,manufacturer and department store (1883-1955). Toby has an E-book about this type tailors’ buttons see: http://billingmetals.com.au/australian-tailors-buttons-ebook/?fbclid=IwAR38F4YPnRwkZmJtgQS1USm4RhlGMja7u0l5edapOrNMa-04H9Z355gKuZM


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