1st August 2019

Tailor’s button:

Christison & Burnett, Brisbane:

In 1923 this firm operated from the ‘Metropolitan Buildings, 85 Adelaide Street, Brisbane. Around 1940-141 they were in the ‘Primary Building’ then  after this the ‘Desmond Chambers’ at 303 Adelaide Street.

Burnett was probably Harold Stephen Burnett (1896-1978) who was president of the Master Tailors’ Association. Christison may have been David (1861-1946) or his son John William Christison (b. 1889).

More history of MOP buttons:

I saw this trademark on a (dirty/mouldy) salesman folder of MOP buttons, supposedly from around 1900:

This article appeared in the news in 1907:

Albury Banner and Wodonga Express 5th July 1907.

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