2nd August 2019

New find:

Chunky 1950s coat buttons.

Tailors’ button:
Fred Ogle, Mortdale:
Fred was born in Scarborough, Yorkshire in 1891. He came to Sydney in 1912. His first tailoring seems to have been done at Nathalia, near Echuca before moving to Mortdale by 1922. In 1926 his 11 month old son died, then in 1929 he was fined for illegal betting from his shop. He ended up having a nervous breakdown, and went missing for 2 days in the bush, before returning home in a bad state to receive medical care. He must have recovered, as he lived until the age of 92 years. Even in 1980 he still listed himself as a tailor in the electoral rolls. (He would have been 89 years!)
In a report  of early businesses by the Oatley Heritage Group he was remembered:
“On one side of our shop was Mr Fred Ogle’s tailoring business
of our shop where he sat cross legged on a table in the window sewing and finishing men’s suits by hand. Each day he would disappear at 4:30pm for his walk to the Oatley Pub for his schooner.”
“He was almost a fixture in the street”
A. E. Unkles, Port Fairy:
Arthur Edward Unkles was born in Macarthur (north of Port Fairy) in 1883 from around 1914-1919 he was a “tailoring artist” in Rochester before moving to Namurkah, then camperdown by about 1922. from 1926 he was working from Sackville Street, Port Fairy. He was a councillor for many years, including the mayor in 1931. Unfortunately his son died on active service during WW2. He retired to Ballarat by 1963, and died there in 1975.

Weekly Times, 9th July 1927


2 thoughts on “2nd August 2019

  1. Bel

    Hi, I recently purchased a metal detector and on my first hunt on the weekend at the property we have our cattle agisted at near Tansey, QLD I found some Carr Fastner snap buttons. I am curious to know how old they are and was wondering if u could help.

    Bel Breen

    1. abuttonadmin Post author

      The company started in 1928 and are still running from South Australia. I don’t think you’ll be able to date a snap fastener any closer than that!


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