5th August 2019

Oh the joys of modern technology! My blog keeps crashing. Please forgive me if you are finding it very slow to load. It has been impossible to add a new post.

I have recently been asked about Carr snap fasteners. The company started in England in 1911, opened a branch in America in 1920 and in South  Australia in 1928 where they are still operating. They made fasteners for motor cars, as well as for clothing. Here is a (slightly blurry) picture from Museum Victoria’s collection of a sample card of fasteners c.1950:

Here is an ad from 1944 form England:

This is a very hard area for dating. This American link has a few pictures: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/dating-clothes-by-snaps.75667/

And, amusingly .. from the News, 1st April 1943:



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