6th August 2019

After a convoluted journey … involving the theft of a bundle of buttons and Ebay fraud … and a very nice seller in America … here are my lastest Mississippi mother of pearl buttons!

The card on the left was trademarked in 1919.

Detail from the above card .. a cute baby mermaid, perhaps they hatch from pearls?

The whole Iowa button industry started from the memory of a box of American freshwater shell at his father’s button business that prompted  Mr Boepple to emigrate there in 1887  (see the post on 25th April 2019). These freshwater shells were still exported to Germany up to WW2. Quoting from the B.I.O.S. report dated 1/1/1947 about the factory of Franz Muller, Amorbach in Bavaria:  “The stock of shells was found to be very large, the estimated weight being 50 tons. The type of shell was Mississippi Sand Shells and Nigger Heads.”

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