22nd August 2019

Tailors Buttons:

J. C. Rowe, Ballarat:

It took some guess work to read the scrated name!

John C. Rowe worked for David Moyle (see post from 12th July 2019). After Mr Moyle’s untimely death in 1916, John continued on his own until at least 1927 in Sturt Street, Ballarat.

Rainbow Argus, 17th Nov 1916.

Q’land Woollen Coy:

The Queensland Woollen Company was proposed in 1874, and its mill built in Ipswich near the Bremer River in 1875. The location near the river for shipping, and also a nearby railway made the location a successful one. It was the first woollen mill built in Queensland, saving locaal producers the cost of shipping their wool to Sydney or Melbourne. Initially producing only unfinished cloth, it expanded into clothing. It would in time produce blankets and uniforms during both World Wars. (The large number of female employees meant that production did not suffer as it did for many work forces during the wars.)

Illustrated Sydney News, 30th Aug 1890.

Queensland State Archives, Digital Image ID 23145

Queensland State Archives, Digital Image ID 23141

In 1968 the company bought out the Ipswich Woollen Company, forming the Australian Fabric Manufactures ltd., producing fabric until the 1980s. The mill is now a heritage listed building.

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