30th August 2019

A Short History on the naming of Bendigo:

The Bendigo Creek (named after a ? shepherd or miner) gave the original European name to the area. Upon the discovery of gold, it became  the Bendigo Diggings. In  December 1852 the junction of Bendigo Creek and Golden Gully was named Castleton, but only until January 1853 when it became Sandhurst, after the military college in Britain. In 1891 a poll was held, with the overwhelming majority of locals voting for a return to the name of Bendigo.

From the Bendigo Independant. The writer felt it would be inconvenient, and not of practical benefit to change names.

Tailors’ buttons:

J. T. Hill Bendigo:

In 1853, along with so many others, James William Hill (1828-1898), a native of London and known as William, arrived in the colony and made his way to the goldfields. From 1867 until 1889 he worked as a hatter (he had been apprenticed as such in London) in Pall Mall, Bendigo. When he retired his son James Thomas (1855-1932) took over as J. T. Hill and continued as a hatter, outfitter and tailor until he retired to Melbourne in 1916.

A tailor mentioned recently,  Horace Whitelock, had worked for the firm. He would eventually join Whitelock and Carter.

J. F. Lewis Sandhurst:

 John Francis Lewis also came to the colony around 1853, reaching Sandhurst by 1858. He went into the partnership of Henry Hoad & Co. In 1865 he continued the business alone under the name of J.T. Lewis until his early death in 1885 at the age of 54 years.

Robathon & Stevens:

George Robathan (not Robathon despite what the button says!) was born in London in 1828, and came to the colony around 1533 and hence to Bendigo (Sandhurst). He was in the partnership of Cooper & Robathan from 1855 until Mr Cooper’s death in 1860. Archibald Stevens joined the new partnership of Robathan & Stevens which continued beyond Robathan’s death in 1886 until 1901, when J.Thomas & Co bought the stock. it was not until 1903 that Louis Germann took over the store in Pall Mall. Archibald moved to Melbourne in 1909 and died there the following year.



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  1. Nathan Tasca

    Hey guys,

    Any idea what garments J.F Lewis made?

    I dug one of his buttons up yesterday whilst detecting near Emu Creek and would love to find out more about them!

    1. abuttonadmin Post author

      Men’s and Boy’s ready-to-wear and tailor made clothing and underwear, coats, suits… the usual. I’ll put a couple of adverts in the next post.


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