1st September 2019

I’ve been asked what kind of clothing J. F. Lewis sold, so I looked up a couple of adverts  from the Bendigo Advertiser in Trove:

Carol has a terrific example of merchandising from another Bendigo tailor: a matchbox cover. She thinks you may have received one when you bought a suit.

Tailor’s button:

L. & A.T. Co Mitchell St.

In the Bendigo Advertiser, 17th January 1883 there appeared this advert:

The London & American Company operated from Mitchell Street until 1892, when Pool & Williams opened their business in this premise. (see also posts on 19th July  and 21st August)

A London and American Supply Store opened in Pall Mall, Bendigo that year with “an unusually large assortment of men’s mercery on view, consisting on shirts, hats, ties, scarves, hosiery etc.”  It only advertised until the next year. However, there were branches in Melbourne, opened in 1887, that remained until at least 1956.

NSW Government Gazette,
7th May 1897.

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