7th October 2019

New finds:

A new variation of this Coronet brand design:

Compare with my other variations: It is like the hand detailed one on the right, but with a different palette.

See: http://www.ausbuttonhistory.com/?p=5061

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club:

The R.P.A.Y.C. button is on the left. I have included a black plastic naval button to show the similarity, however, it is blackened brass.


In 1856 the first yachting club was formed in Sydney; the Mosquito Club. In October 1867, with the Prince about to visit, the club reformed to become the Prince Alfred Yacht Club.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 16th October 1867.

The Royal Sydney and Prince Alfred clubs’ yachts formed a guard of honour when the HMS Galatea sailed through Sydney Harbour. In 1911 the club was given permission to use the prefix ‘Royal’.

Crowds waving the HMS Galatea goodbye. Illustrated Sydney news, 22nd February 1868.

The Sun, 16th February 1935.

In 1919 the club moved to the less crowded waters of Pittwater, and stayed there until selling the land for a pretty penny in 1970. A second club house had previously built in the 1960s and was now the club’s sole location.

Another yacht club button was featured on 8th September 2018. See http://www.ausbuttonhistory.com/?p=9517

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