10th October 2019

New variation of Disney buttons:

As mentioned before, it is possibly that these were produced locally under license; the Yanks thought so …

This page came from‘Antique & Collectible Buttons: Identification & Values, Vol. 2. by Debra J. Wisniewski. However, the buttons were advertised from 1948-1953.

Certainly, Disney products were produced in countries other than the USA. I’ve just read an article in the now defunct American magazine ‘Just Buttons’ from September 1957: see below …

Note that the author received these from ‘overseas’ and that they had not seen these designs before, which would suggest they were not USA made.

Here are some other Disney buttons:


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  1. Carol

    Very informative Cathy, we all have learned so much by your diligence in research, but some day we will have confirmation on manufacture of Disney buttons. Thank you .

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