16th November 2019

New Embassy cards:

The cards with the rounded corners were the earliest to sport the ‘Embassy’ brand within the map of Australia. It would have resulted in waste cardboard and been more costly. Not surprisingly, the shape was later changed to a simple rectangle, although perversely, at the same time a waist was cut into the card to take the cotton, which also would have resulted in extra cost!

The Card at the right is unique in my collection, in that it has both the rounded corners and the added cotton. It must have been made just at the changeover of styling. It also has an added price sticker, as up until then the prices were not printed on the card. The cards below now have printed prices and the cotton. The card on the lower right shows the next step, with the words ” Guaranteed to Launder and Dry Clean” now included. The dating of these changes spans from 1959 until 1970.

Although I believe (due to the actual button designs) that General Plastics originally supplied both G.J. Coles (Embassy branding) and Woolworths with their branded buttons, by the time the cotton is added (if not before) they were being supplied by G.Herring. The cotton was a Beutron/Herring marketing feature dating from 1949. Beauclaire cards of buttons never included cotton, and only a few Leda cards dating from the 1960s did, by which time they were produced by Beutron.

New Leda cards:

The card on the left is the first example I have where the word ‘BOILPROOF’ is printed next to the Leda brand. Other cards are VARIOUSLY labelled FASHION BUTTONS, PERMALON, PERMALOID,  and PERMALITE.


2 thoughts on “16th November 2019

  1. Anne Plant

    Hi Cathy,
    My great grandfather was W Morrow & I would love one of his buttons.
    Are these for sale? Or do you know where I could purchase one.
    Anne Plant


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