17th December 2019

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New Coronet:

I have a similar card in pink and in grey.

Following up on the Peapes tailor’s button, here is a button from the original partnership with George Shaw from 1866-1891.

See also  http://www.ausbuttonhistory.com/?p=13376)

New tailor’s button:

Commonwealth brand:

The Victorian Button Collector’s club receives many queries about ‘found’ buttons, usually trouser/shirt buttons. People are curious as to the provenance and value of their find. Whilst the value is usually “not much”, working when and where they came from is a fun challenge. This button has been turned up along the Thames River in London by a mudlarker. They guessed it to be a fundraising button, but it is a trouser/shirt type. Australian fundraising buttons were of the celluloid, pin-back type.

Diving once again into Trove, I discovered that the Commonwealth brand belonged to Foy & Gibson, department store chain and manufacturer . See http://www.ausbuttonhistory.com/?page_id=6918

From 1899-1931 they sold Commonwealth branded foodstuffs such as jam and olive oil. From 1910-1918 they also sold Commonwealth branded clothing, including trousers. I wonder if the King’s Crown dates the button to the War years, when Commonwealth pride was particularly strong?

The Daily News, 3rd March 1916.

4 thoughts on “17th December 2019

  1. Carol

    Very interesting re the Commonwealth bracer/ fly/ shirt buttons being a home brand of Foy and Gibson Commonwealth line of merchandise.

  2. Robyn M Greenwell

    Thanks for the “Commonwealth ” information. I have found a number of these buttons over the years, and assumed them to be some kind of uniform button – though the crown on them never looked right!
    Your explanation of them makes much more sense.

  3. Mal

    Good story on the “Commonwealth” button found in the U K, I found one in South Australia and just wondering if others are found here.

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